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    My name is Kyle, and I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Noyemberyan, Armenia. I lived here from 2006-2008, and worked as an Information Technology volunteer for the US Peace Corps. In addition to my primary assignment developing my region's WiFi internet, I also taught computer and English classes to area youth. Thank you for visiting!

    This blog remains available for historical purposes, but is no longer actively maintained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Push for the Finish, and why are you doing this project?
A: Push for the Finish is a fundraising event for Push America, a charity supporting people with disabilities in America. I will run in the Athens Classic Marathon on November 4th, 2007. In the meantime, I am using my efforts to help raise $2,000 for Push America. The project is part of the Push America Challenge, and will raise awareness and funds for people with disabilities throughout the nation. I am doing this project because of my past experiences with Push America and because I believe in their goals and mission.

Q: Can you actually run a marathon?
A: I did! 😉 Good question! I have been training for the marathon since I joined the Peace Corps last year, and am following the schedule outlined on the training schedule page. I have the determination to finish the race, so I will do it, don’t worry! Plus I’ve already booked the plane tickets and paid the entrance fee…

Q: What does running a marathon and raising money for people with disabilities have in common?
A: This is where the Push America Challenge comes in to play. “The Push America Challenge is designed to provide an opportunity for people to take an unselfish approach to endurance competition. Anyone that is or has ever been interested in participating in an endurance event, whether it is a marathon, triathlon or any other physically demanding activity, can now do so and raise funds and awareness on behalf of people with disabilities in the process.” Why just run a marathon when you can run a marathon to help people, too?

Q: Is there a connection to the Peace Corps?
A: Nope. I am doing this completely on my free time, and it is not directly related to my work in the Peace Corps. I am involved with several projects supporting people with disabilities here in Armenia, and I use this as another opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for a cause many people do not have an understanding of here in Armenia. If you are interested in directly supporting Peace Corps related projects, there are many great opportunities available on the Peace Corps web site.

Q: Where does the money you raise go?
A: The money will go into a general fund in support of the activities of Push America. These include sponsoring activities for undergraduate members and offering grants to various organizations and groups that support people with disabilities. I encourage you to read their web site and about Push’s projects and programs for more information.

Q: So how can I help?
A: Your donation in support of this project will mean a lot to mean and will make all the difference in the world to those it will support. Push has setup a secure, online donation site, which is available at this address:
(please send the link to your friends and family)

Q: Is a donation I make tax deductible?
A: Yes. You will receive a letter/receipt for your donation upon its arrival at our national office. The letter will contain all the tax information you should need, along with my personal gratification!

Q: I have more questions that weren’t answered here. What now?
A: Simple – contact me! I am more than happy to answer any of your questions about the project, and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll be happy to find out for you!

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