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    My name is Kyle, and I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Noyemberyan, Armenia. I lived here from 2006-2008, and worked as an Information Technology volunteer for the US Peace Corps. In addition to my primary assignment developing my region's WiFi internet, I also taught computer and English classes to area youth. Thank you for visiting!

    This blog remains available for historical purposes, but is no longer actively maintained.

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Yerevak NGO

Activities Description:
My work with Yerevak NGO on their WiFi Internet system has occupied the largest portion of my time in the Peace Corps. We have done much work in restructuring our current system, including selecting a new, more reliable service provider, re-installing and re-configuring our network, installing new ISP software, and developing an expansion plan which will reach 9 more villages in the Noyemberyan region. The technology specialist at the NGO attended the Peace Corps’ Project Design and Management seminar in February, and we submitted a SPA grant application in mid-March, which was accepted. Computer upgrades have been purchased for the NGO’s training center, new Internet equipment was purchased, and training plans have begun for a business-technology training seminar in September. The NGO has also agreed to establish new training seminars for the training center, and recently hosted a Computer Camp for area youth sponsored in August.

Working on the TV tower

Outcomes (changes in knowledge, attitude, skills, or behaviors):
As a result of our changes and upgrades to the WiFi Internet network, Yerevak has expanded its services to more clients and has seen a steady increase in Internet traffic from Noyemberyan and area villages. A SPA grant was also received, which helped build the NGO’s capacity by purchasing new computers and equipment, which have taught employees newer technology and will enable the NGO’s trainees to have access to more advanced technology in the training center. The NGO has a much stronger sense for how an Internet Service Provider should operate, and is currently re-evaluating its services, pricing and marketing to better reach its clients. The technology specialist and several employees have acquired many new skills related to computer networking and computer installation, maintenance and repair. The NGO’s employees have also developed a much better attitude in looking at new ideas and ways to expand their services, including expressing a desire to include youth and local business as part of their future training offerings.

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